Israel Palestine Gaza Conflict

A collection of interesting links

News and Analysis

Western coverage of Israel’s war on Gaza – bias or unprofessionalism? (Al-Jazeera 29.10.2023)

Statement by Researchers in Norway on the situation in Palestine (Public Anthropologist 25.10.2023)

Anthropologist Emilie El Khoury: How we define and use the word terrorism in the Israel-Hamas war matters a lot (The Conversation 18.10.2023)

Gaza bombing adds to the generations of Palestinians displaced from their homes (The Conversation 1.11.2023)

‘Complete censorship’: Germany’s Palestinian diaspora fights crackdown (Al Jazeera 26.10.2023)

Lori Allen: As anthropologists, scholars, and teachers, now is our moment to act (Allega 24.10.2023)

Palestinian conflict: how despair can drive people to violence, even if it puts their lives in danger analysis by Nina Gren, Senior lecturer in social anthropology, Lund University (The Conversation 13.10.2023)

Israel-Hamas war: updates on The Conversation’s coverage of the conflict Analysis by academic researchers

Yohan Shanmugaratnam: Umenneskeliggjøring smitter: De andres smerte (Klassekampen, 12.10.2023)

Karim El-Gawhary: Wer verändern will, muss verstehen (taz, 14.10.2023)

Sherry Rehman: What happens in Gaza won’t stay in Gaza (The News Pakistan 14.10.2023)

Daniel Bax: Ungeteiltes Mitgefühl: Ist palästinensisches Leid weniger wert als anderes? Die deutsche Gleichgültigkeit gegenüber dem Schicksal der Pa­läs­ti­nen­se­r:in­nen ist beängstigend. (einer der wenigen Israel-kritischen Texte in einer deutschen Zeitung, taz 20.10.2023)

Voices from Israeli and Jews

Pro-palästinensische Demo in Berlin – Israeli: „Ich unterstütze die Palästinenser“ (Berliner Zeitung 21.10.2023)

Amira Hess: Germany, You Have Long Since Betrayed Your Responsibility "You betrayed it by your unreserved support for an Israel that occupies, colonizes, deprives people of water, steals land, imprisons two million Gazans in a crowded cage, demolishes homes, expels entire communities from their homes and encourages settler violence." Haaretz 16.10.2023 - copy without paywall at

Gideon Levy: Israel Can’t Imprison Two Million Gazans Without Paying a Cruel Price (Haaretz, 9.10.2023) Copy on without paywall

‘Do not use our pain to bring death’: plea to Israel from peace activists’ grieving families (The Guardian, 19.10.2023)

Adam Raz: A Brief History of the Netanyahu-Hamas Alliance (Haaretz 20.10.2023, copy without paywall at

Father of Israeli Woman Abducted by Hamas: 'Gaza Parents Are in Pain, Too' Haaretz 17.10.2023, copy without paywall at

My 84-year-old Mother Was Taken Hostage. In Her Name, Too, I Plead: Don’t Destroy Gaza (Haaretz 12.10.2023, copy without paywall at

Not in my brother’s name: Israeli peace activist calls for halt to Gaza bombings (The National, 14.10.2023)

We Are 75 Israeli Progressives and Peace Activists. We Are Dismayed With the Left. There is no contradiction between staunchly opposing the Israeli subjugation and occupation of Palestinians and unequivocally condemning brutal acts of violence against innocent civilians (Newsweek 18.10.2023)