On the Nile bridge

To my left, in front of the luxury hotel, I see people throwing stones towards police cars. The police is answering with shots that produce smoke – teargas.

To my right, I see a Nile boat where young girls are dancing happily, accompagnied by loud music.

A few minutes later, a father is showing off with his boat, drawing wide circles in the water at high speed. Yeah!

Suddenly panic to my left. People are fleeing, the tear gas has reached the other end of the bridge. More police cars have arrived and are chasing away the protesters.

To my right, a young man has climbed the top of a street lantern and is dancing on the top of it. Suddenly I hear a splash and the lantern dancer has fallen into the Nile. To my surprise he seems to have enjoyed the fall. He is laughing, and one minute later he is climbing out of the water.

On my left, the protesters have returned again. More stones, more shots, more teargas.


Cairo, 14.9.2012, first posted on Facebook. Foto: Lorenz Khazaleh. Context: Of Stupid Men and Smart Machines

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